SAMEDCO – Ensuring the health of our community and the happiness of each individual

Ensuring the health of community

From the very beginning, SAMEDCO has been consistently committing to deliver the best health-care products, distinctive, with origin-based transparency to take care of our society health and to enhance the quality of life. The happiness of every individual, customers, SAMEDCO’s people and families is always appreciated. This is the ultimate goal that SAMEDCO is aiming in every of our step and activity.

The first three products that SAMEDCO introduced to the community are GLUCOSAMIN- supporting bones and joints, SINUSPAX- strengthening men’s vitality, HYCOZ – SKIN CARE COSMECEUTICALS. These are three hero products aiming at the urgent need of many people. The purpose is to take care of people’s health, to enhance the quality of life both body and mind.

The unique of SAMEDCO is that during our operation, we understand every individual demand, that is the key factor to improve to the products.  Therefore, we do not only provide the most suitable and best products, but also share and aim at the transparency to the customers and the mass media, from the content in packaging to the website for information reference, hotline consulting channels, …

With those transparency, distinctiveness, SAMEDCO also aims to help customers to have better knowledges about medicines, understand the needs and choose the right product which is effectively suited them the most. That will help improving their health the way they want. We are not only a pharmaceutical company but also a specialist, health consultant, tagging along the journey of improving the health and happiness of our community

SAMEDCO’s products consist of natural materials which were produced by applying modern technology, it preserves the essential value of the pharmaceuticals. Each product type was researched and undergone clinical trials to ensure its effectiveness and safety before being introduced to the market. The evaluating and inspecting process were strictly carried out by a team of the highly trained pharmacists and specialists who were under a close supervision. We agree and adhere to the laws of quality and safety from the Ministry of Health.

In business, SAMEDCO targets at the person-centered psychotherapy, viewing people as the most valuable resource. This has been and will always be the principle of SAMEDCO because we understand that the health and happiness of each person is the source of energy to arouse the potential, the creativity and other great working achievements. Together, we are looking forward to building a happy community.